August 23, 2015

Training / Leadership Programs


We have changed the lives of young professionals and experienced leaders at our workshops locally, regionally, and nationally. We offer a selection of workshops about finding success personally and professionally including career management, leveraging strengths, embracing diversity, moving for specialist to manager, and personal work / life management.  Many of our workshops include discussions related to the challenges and opportunities of working in diversity-rich cultures.

Past workshops include:

Motivation, Procrastination, and Inspiration

Overcoming Intercultural Differences

Taming of the Shrew: Assertive vs Aggressive Communication Styles

Leading Global and Virtual Teams

Interpersonal Effectiveness

Authentic Leadership

Working Effectively Globally

Working Effectively Across Generations

Leveraging Strengths as Leadership Teams

Weekend Leadership Experiences

The retreat style events provide the opportunity to get away for a weekend.  Interactive workshops at serene settings with like-minded people result in an outstanding experience.  Some retreats are women only.  All leadership experiences include six weeks of virtual and/or small group coaching.

Women’s Leadership Breakfast

This monthly program takes place on Saturday mornings and provides a venue for professional women to build new relationships and learn about a new topic each month. Each meeting includes networking and a workshop. Virtual and/or small group coaching sessions take place in between meetings.

Career Development Program: Are you the CEO of your Career? (Click to learn more)

This monthly membership program gives you monthly lessons to continue to excel at work.  The program includes a monthly career checkpoint and a monthly webinar or group coaching session.  You also get an annual resume and Linkedin profile review.