August 23, 2015

Speaker / Keynotes

Looking for a keynote speaker for your program or conference?

Our keynote presentations are engaging and interactive, facilitating individual reflection and a call to action while pulling together key elements of your program to provide a seamless experience for your attendees.

Our keynote presentations focus on the following topics (but can be tailored to meet your needs):

1) Wholehearted Living: Designing Your Life’s Masterpiece

This keynote presentation is well-suited to collegiate leaders and young professionals who are starting their careers.  The multimedia experience shares lessons learned and perspectives from a mid-career professional who has studied happiness and who herself has struggled with “what is the meaning of life?”  There is a version of this presentation that has been tailored to target people on their second half or who are starting anew after retirement.

2) Engineering: The Force is Always with You

Engineer… more than just what I do, its who I am. During this presentation, I shared some of the strengths of my engineering training as I have developed through my career and in my personal life but also some of the downfalls that need to be managed.  The world needs our skills and we need to apply them to solving social problems in our communities to transform our world.  Whatever your passion is, you can make a difference using the engineering knowledge and skills you have.  This keynote is relevant for engineering audiences of all levels.

3) Expectation, Perception, and Reality: Creating and Managing your Brand

Brand management has become a hot topic lately.  In this keynote, I talk about how to identify the key elements of your brand, test your brand, and manage it in practical, simple ways.

We also can tailor any of our existing workshops for your conference or program.