August 23, 2015


A coach facilitates change through a combination of coaching and consulting. We work to develop a relationship of trust with you so that you can freely talk through your personal conflicts and challenges.  The coaching environment allows you to explore your full potential.

If you are currently considering a transition in the work place and are ready to take the next step from technical specialist to management, coaching can facilitate your personal evaluation against necessary skills and your transition into such a position.

Coaching disciplines you to set aside time to think strategically about your work and your life.  During coaching sessions, your coach uses proven problem-solving methodology to investigate the issues and obstacles and help you decide on a course of action.  You will be encouraged to look ahead to opportunities that are only now emerging.  Your coach will help you to bring out your best while keeping you focused on your vision and values.

A coach understands the importance of a healthy balance between personal and professional life.  Your coach will help you create this balance.

Your coach will also help you determine your personal definition of success and identify avenues of finding personal fulfillment.

Coaching is about celebrating your strengths and successes while identifying your weaknesses and evaluating whether action is required to strengthen those deficits or whether it is more advantageous to focus on developing your strengths.

We believe the answers to your personal fulfillment are within you.  Our role is to facilitate you in the discovery of those answers.

We offer corporate coaching programs including:

  • Emerging Leader: This three-month program partners with talented individual contributors who are transitioning into leadership roles in their organizations.  Through the coaching program, we partner through biweekly sessions where we discuss solutions to problems faced during the transition.
  • Influencer: This program focuses on working with consultants, project managers, and other roles where individuals need to establish credibility quickly in a new organization or new team.
  • Global Leader: This program helps individuals and families transitioning to an international assignment prepare for the new location and understand the strategies for a successful transition.  This program can also help expats transition back home.